A lift pump system is a must have for your diesel truck. This AirDog Raptor RP-4G 100GPH R1SBU369 is the non-filtered line of lift pumps that AirDog offers but still packs a big punch! The fuel system on your diesel truck, mechanical or common rail, is the heart of the vehicle’s performance and reliability. This universal low pressure lift pump mounts to the inner frame rail using the supplied sandwich plate mounting system, the suction line connects to the factory suction fitting on top of the fuel module, and the pressure side connects to the factory injection pump feed line on the frame back by the fuel cooler making install quick and easy. The AirDog Raptor RP-4G 100GPH is internally regulated and does not require a return line.


This low pressure universal lift pump will solve the infamous P0087 & P1093 low fuel rail pressure codes. By supplying your injection pump with fuel, rather than your injection pump doing most of the work pulling the fuel up from the tank. This positive supply being fed to your injection pump will also add performance, throttle response, and longevity to your vehicle. Due to extra stress on your fuel system from either high mileage and/or additional performance modifications, like a tuner or larger injectors, your injection pump can become weak over time. Resulting in a drop of performance, reliability, and fuel economy.


This AirDog Raptor RP-4G 100GPH universal lift pump is recommended for trucks that have a non-upgraded fully stock fuel system and no tuning. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

Additional information

Weight 6.2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7.75 × 6.8 in

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    Shem Whitehead (verified owner)

    I bought the Raptor 4G 100GPH to replace a lift pump of another brand that failed after less than a year of use. Right out of the box I could tell the raptor was of much higher quality. The quality of the finishes, the properly wrapped wiring and use of a deutsch connector, and the sheer size of the motor told me this was a well made unit. Installation was a cinch with the four 5/16-18 bolt holes already present in the pump body, and connecting power to it was easy with the common, inexpensive deutsch connector. When I first turned it on it was so quiet I had to climb under the truck again to verify I had remembered to plug it in, but there it was humming happily. Lastly the way it woke up my old LB7 is just unbelievable. It now pulls hard all the way to redline instead of running out of steam just over 2,500 RPM. I look forward to many years of great service from this pump, and hopefully it’ll even outlast the truck.

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